Default Services

While foreclosures and distressed property sales are declining nationally, there are still many states and many “micro markets” where clients still need to get it right when it comes to property values. We work with many of the nation’s top servicers, as well as several government agencies, to provide an array of products that bring “valuation science’ to determining the right property value.

Independent licensed appraisers review prior valuations, origination appraisals, and perform extensive third-party and local market research around the property to determine a comprehensive and supported value. Continuous proven cost savings are a result of incorporating the reconciliation process into your current quality control methods.

Reconciliation forms and review methodology can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Our management team has overseen the delivery of hundreds of thousands of BPOs. While not recommended for lending transactions, the BPO can be a good valuation tool for some applications. But we also know that the quality of BPOs has been an issue since they were first introduced decades ago. That’s why we also supplement our BPOs with analytic tools that determine the valuation and quality risk of BPOs before they ever reach our customers.

Considering a short sale? This product allows our clients to be more proactive by identifying potential short sale sellers before they go into foreclosure.  Use local market knowledge as well as knowledge of current, active listings to work with your borrower or default department to make the best move for each loan.

Make more informed decisions surrounding default by identifying what is happening with your portfolio at this very moment.