Home Equity

With regulators banning the use of AVMs for lending and new regulations requiring copies of all valuations for consumers – Home Equity lenders need new valuation products that cost less, arrive faster and still meet the new requirements and industry guidelines. That is why we offer a whole range of products that achieve the right solutions.


The AVM with inspection combines an AVM with property condition report/inspection of the subject property.  We also offer products that include an “appraisal wrapper”  around the AVM and Inspection- helping clients to reconcile the AVM and Inspection with market conditions.

HVR – Desktop Appraisal

When the size of the loan or the complexity of the assignment requires the next step up, we offer the HVR Exterior Appraisal.

Designed primarily for the equity loan origination market, it provides the expertise and sign-off of a state-licensed appraiser without the prohibitive pricing and slow turn time associated with the  “drive-by” (2055) or full (1004) appraisals. Because its use is restricted to the client and the client’s specific use, the HVR also minimizes risk posed by inadvertent third-party reliance.  Ask for our recent White Paper on this subject.

Some Home Equity lenders wait days to find out a certain product is not available. Or they pay twice when one valuation product has to be upgraded to another. Our clients avoid these frustrations with the “Order Wizard,” which allows us to tell our clients ahead of time when there are data issues or property type restrictions. This process also means we can allow clients to upgrade to the next product without paying twice.

For the riskiest inspections, our clients can also upgrade to a traditional Exterior 2055 or the full field appraisal 1004.