Mortgage Lending

It seems that the old real estate adage “Location.Location.Location” has been replaced with a new one – “Compliance. Compliance. Compliance.” Our order management system is state of the art and can provide the type of monthly and quarterly reports that clients and regulators want to see to ensure that AMCs are meeting new industry guidelines.

ATI has also partnered with Valued Veterans, one of the top veteran owned AMCs in the country.

How do you assess the quality of an appraisal? Do you hire dozens of appraisers in house to review appraisals one-by-one as they come in? We offer our clients a two-stroke engine that uses local market analytics to measure the valuation and quality risk of appraisals – in an instant! With an appraisal risk score in hand, now our clients can focus on the high risk appraisals first. The CA Risk Profiler is a proven market tool that – combined with our SVR Reconciliation for high risk properties  – allows lenders to meet industry guidelines on appraisal review- without paying a fortune for it.