Banks are under tremendous pressure from regulators and consumer advocates who want to see lenders and servicers do better.  The continuing issues  in the US housing market remain a challenge.  At ATI Valuations, we are doing more than just providing valuation products to our clients.  We are working with our fee appraisers, our employees and government agencies to make the valuation process a win-win for all.  This means finding the right balance between saving our clients money and time and paying appraisers fairly.

Designing intelligent real estate analytics, crafting intelligent valuation solutions, and forming intelligent business partnerships is the tenet for our business model, and the philosophy we live by.  It describes not only who we are but what we do.

Whether evaluating a single property or analyzing a pool of over 1 million loans, we bring valuation science to the products and services we offer.

In addition to the traditional methods of appraising real estate, we provide our clients with more local, granular real estate analytics that have been proven to reduce risk and save time and money.  This approach has earned us sole-source contracts from government agencies, partnerships with market leaders and landed us inside most of the top-tier lenders and mortgage servicers.  Doing a traditional appraisal product right remains a critical component of our philosophy and mission. But we are also committed to the innovation and collaboration with our clients.